Alistair Walker

The Alistair Walker Whisky Company, based in Grangemouth, Central Scotland, was established in 2018. With almost 20 years’ experience in the Scotch whisky industry, I took the plunge and decided to forge my own path – as an independent bottler.
Independent bottlers, aka merchant bottlers, have been around for a long time. Quite simply, we source whiskies from different distilleries throughout Scotland (and beyond), and, when they are ready, we bottle them as single casks, in their most natural form – un-chill filtered, at natural colour, and usually at cask strength.
As we are not affiliated to any specific distillery, we are free to source casks from various distilleries, thereby offering a diverse portfolio of whisky bottlings that cover the myriad flavours, aromas and styles that whisky has to offer.
The whiskies are bottled under the brand name ‘Infrequent Flyers’. That name refers to the nature of many of the casks that we bottle – often whiskies from lesser-known distilleries that are of excellent quality, but have never been widely or consistently available. As such, many of our bottlings are of whiskies that you just don’t see so often – hence the name ‘Infrequent Flyers’.
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